Best Practise User Experience for 2021

just shy of three minutes.

Want a website that delivers strong conversions? Then you need great UX (User Experience). Read on to make sure you have 2021’s Top 3 User Experience Must Haves covered.

What is User Experience?

User experience or UX as it is commonly known, is the overall experience of the end-user in using your product. A visitor to your website is a great example. 

Having a website that…

  1. is easy to use and interact with
  2. offers an engaging experience
  3. converts

…is what every business strives for. These are all things that make for a great user experience and encourage prospects to become long term customers. Sounds simple right?

What about User Experience Design?

User Experience Design is the process that helps deliver these results. It is a user centred approach that considers the why, what, and how a user will interact with your website. 

“Focus on the user and all else will follow.”


At Coast, we begin with who; starting with identifying your target customers’ needs, motivations, and pain points before we even start to design. That way we can ensure what we design will drive conversions. 

The Top 3 User Experience Must Haves for 2021

Here are our top three must haves for all websites in 2021. If you need help in achieving any of these, we are here to assist. From initial diagnosis and reporting, through to website updates and rebuilds we will ensure your site is a step above the competition.

A Fast Website

Have you ever tried to load a site and been left waiting? How patient were you or did you just go back to Google and look for the next best result? 

Site speed is a critical factor in getting visitors to your site and converting them. According to Google, best practise is 3 seconds. 40% of prospective visitors will abandon a page that doesn’t load within that time. Fast websites result in lower bounce rates and higher conversions (Shopify).

In May of this year, Google also started to use site speed to determine where your website will sit in the order of search results. Site speed is paramount to remain competitive.

Coastie Tip: There are plenty of free tools available to determine the speed of your site and its pages. Two we recommend are Google’s Search Console Report for Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insights. Go check out the speed of your homepage today.

Seamless Experience across Devices

Is it just as easy to navigate your site on a mobile as it is on desktop? How about making a purchase or submitting an enquiry?

According to Statista, over half (51%) of Australia’s internet usage is via a mobile device. That means that your 2021 website experience must be designed for mobile first. Although not a new concept, responsive websites are crucial to maintain a positive experience for users. 

Google is also continuing to prioritise mobile versions of web content for ranking in search results.

Coastie Tip! Visit your website and that of your competitors on your mobile device, iPad, and desktop. Also check out for a great example of mobile first design.

An Engaging Experience

Websites can be both simple to enjoyable to use. Does your website provide real engagement for your users? 

2021 has fast tracked the rise of virtual and augmented reality. Museums have launched augmented reality apps, real estates virtual open home tours. Perhaps your site is missing that virtual something.

Another UX trend on the rise is that of motion. Any motion effect can tell a brand story better than a static image or plain copy. From video through to animation. Does your website include any moving elements?  We don’t mean surprise movements of call-to-action buttons or page content moving unexpectedly, just the engaging purposeful kind.

Google’s May update also considers the visual stability of your website when determining ranking in search results.

Coastie Tip: Check the visual stability of your site on your mobile. Do any elements move around unexpectedly or interfere with any actions you want to make?  

Coastie Tip: Is there a brand story or an opportunity to add some purposeful animation – something to educate, entertain, inspire, or convince?

Why I should focus on User Experience right now?

From mid-2021, Google is introducing Core Web Vitals – a metric designed to measure the web page experience for users on mobile devices (like a phone or tablet). Speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of websites will all be evaluated and will affect your website’s search ranking. More than ever before, user experience will be front and centre in the race for Google’s top spot.

Not sure what this may mean for you? We are offering a FREE personalised consult on the impact of Google’s Core Web Vitals for your website. Book yours today with El on 6600 1764 or email

We are here to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Google is introducing a new algorithm update that will consider all websites user experience: speed, responsiveness and visual stability when determining website rankings. Now is the time to check your web performance and ensure your site is ready, so you don’t have any unwelcome surprises. Get in touch for more information.