Celebrating bidding strategy success; how Coast created effective PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements on Google Ads for a Sydney-based family law firm to achieve a 26,350% increase in conversion rate.



Meet the Client.

Established in 1986 and located in Sydney’s CBD, John R Quinn & Co are a highly respected family law firm.

Accredited family law specialists, the team at John Quinn & Co are competent in handling every legal matter involved with family law; including divorce, property settlement, financial arrangements, resident parent agreements, wills, conveyancing, de facto relationships and matters involving expatriate citizens.

John R Quinn & Co pride themselves on being approachable, attentive and empathetic, providing a personalised service to each client. Ensuring that individual needs and goals of every client are carefully assessed, John R Quinn & Co keep you fully informed about the progress of your case and presenting you with all the options available at every stage.



The Challenge.

In the six months prior to joining Coast (4 July – 17 December 2018), results were not looking good for our client. Unfortunately, despite quite a significant spend, they had only received a total of 8 Phone calls (calling from their ad by clicking the phone number) & 1 Lead (call or contact form on the website) in nearly 6 months!

Failing to see results from their previous agency, our client was willing to give Google Ads one final crack with a new and enthusiastic team (hello!).



The Strategy.

Our strategy would focus on increasing click-through rate, conversion rate and average position, all while trying not to increase the cost per click.

After a strategy session, our game-plan saw us planning to tackle the following areas, all of which we believed would make a big difference:

  • Researched what keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns would work best at driving the most valuable phone calls to the business
  • Make better informed decisions about our client’s ad spend
  • Implementing new bidding strategies and making adjustments to where current potential existed (per device and location)

In our approach to working with real-time data, we used this to our advantage to also have a look at:

  • Competitor analysis to see where opportunities lie
  • A/B testing within campaigns (targeted at key demographics and locations)



The Results.

In just the first six months of working with Coast (18 December 2018 – 2 June 2019) conversion rates were raised from 0.02% to 5.29%, which saw our client receive 145 leads and 60 phone calls; for almost the exact same ad spend as before we started.

This data represents a 26,350% increase in conversion rate. Yep, you read that right! Twenty six thousand, three hundred and fifty percent!