Dreamed-up out of an award-winning career in the arts, Coast’s Creative Director Shane O’Brien has recently launched ArtCircus; a unique stationery brand that exists to support emerging Australian artists. Shane began by forming a curious collective of talented designers who were passionate about producing unique collections of limited-edition paper product with soul and were dedicated to inspire other young artists.

With a superior level of quality, finish and craftsmanship, ArtCircus stationery and paper products are made to last, reflecting fastidious attention to detail.

ArtCircus operate with the bigger picture in mind, ensuring ranges are always environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and inspire purpose. They only print with FSC paper, sourced from well-managed forests, so to minimise the impact to established ecosystems.

By purchasing from ArtCircus, you support the livelihoods of their collective who can continue to inspire others through their practice.

How we help.

Branding & Art Direction

The ArtCircus brand promotes individuality and creativity; collaboration and purpose. It has a powerful message about coming into your own and celebrating who you are. For this reason, a free flowing, light-hearted, hand-drawn and spirited logo was required. It could be like nothing else seen before.

Much like the finale in a circus performance, there is candid movement, playfulness and drama to the way in which all shapes within the logo itself come together. Despite its organic and almost painterly appearance, there is also a harmony and balance to the letterforms and the way they exist together, as the mark utilises a mixture of lower and upper case, as well as glyphs decorating letters like paint splatters on a canvas.

Coast was instrumental in creating a mark that was ultimately unique, forever young and captured the essence of the brand itself. Ironically, the mark is void of colour so not to distract from the product, but is packed full of personality. It’s as bold as the strongman, cheeky like the clown and fanciful as the ringmaster himself. It represents coming together, collaboration, creativity, curiosity and one-of-a-kind authenticity.

Graphic Design

Coast designers worked closely with the ArtCircus team to produce the Curiosities Journals. With three different designs available, these journals are A5 in size and are have 196 pages within. Coast was responsible for the production design; gathering samples, choosing sustainable paper and printing options and managing the printing. Coast designers also helped to create the editorial plan for all the inspiration content within and also designed all the layouts, including the covers.

The product had to be very considered and no detail was spared, which meant that the books are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. They make the perfect journaling tool for writing, painting, drawing, sketching or just getting creative, and feature:

  • Space to create a vision board + life-at-large goal-setter
  • Inspiring messages of love + hope, PLUS stunning black + white photography scattered on 26 pages within
  • Page edges sprayed with coloured ink to express personality
  • Elastic closure
  • 2 different coloured, built-in satin ribbon markers
  • Durable, scuff-resistant + recyclable Wibalin for covers, which are flexible and complete with deboss detail & buckram finish
  • Sits flat when folded open
  • Cover artwork by emerging Australian artist
  • Individually numbered
  • Product designed in Australia and printed ethically using 100gsm FSC art paper + made sustainably using paper form managed forests

"Oh, and just like Coast, ArtCircus doesn’t do generic – not ever. I guess that’s why there was no other choice but to work with such a creative agency who could understand and help us bring the vision of the brand to life. When you build brands for a living, sometimes creating one close to your own heart is the hardest job of all. The expertise provided to the ArtCircus team when it came to designing the brand mark was so thoughtful and considered."

Lisa O'Brien : : ArtCircus
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