Anna O’Brien.

HR + Accounts

If a hen and a half lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs will half a dozen hens lay in half a dozen days? Just ask Anna! Coast’s very own numbers genius, Anna ensures Coast keeps ticking over through her astute management of all of our accounts. 


With a keen eye for detail and diligent approach to everything she does, there isn’t an accounts riddle Anna can’t solve!

Get to know me.

1. What do you do at Coast?

I am all things accounts

2. What is your favourite thing about working at Coast?

The flexibility and I love to crunch numbers

3. Describe the vibe at Coast and why you chose to work there

Fun, friendly and hardworking vibe! Very creative!

4. What unique flavour you bring to the team?

I know how to solve account problems

5. If you were a character from a famous film or book, who would you be any why?

Charlie Bucket, because who wouldn’t love to eat as much chocolate as they could!!!

6. What is your fav piece of clothing?

My denim shorts – I wear them everywhere

7. What is your vice when faced with a challenge?

Think before you do.

8. What would your proud Mum say about you?

That she loves me 🙂

9. Choose 3 words that best describe you.

Happy, fun, busy

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