Jessi Simpson.

Content Collaborator

Get to know me.

1. What do you do at Coast?

I create imagery & words for brands that get to the heart of what makes them unique.

2. What is your favourite thing about working with Coast?

The incredible team & the ways I have been able to really push the boundaries of what I thought possible in creativity & collaboration. Coming in part-time to work with the Coast team has been game-changing. To see the way they all come together in shared & mutual support is inspiring. The team effort is strong, & the bright & bubbly, personalities even stronger. It’s love.

3. How are you creative or innovative when working with Coast?

Well when I run out of ideas I whisper into my hair & I am always hit with the good stuff! I bring to the team & to clients a vibrant laugh & an opportunity to truly experience presence & connection, whether it’s working with the camera or with words. I am truly passionate about holding space for the one who is on the other side of my lens & all that encompasses. I truly believe that everyone that steps in front of my lens is truly meant to be there for me to create a wholesome experience for them, & possibly they will even create a new, empowering story about themselves in the process.

4. Describe the vibe at Coast and why you chose to collaborate with the crew there

Collaborative, streamlined, positive, warm… I could just go on. I choose to collaborate with Coast because there is always something to learn, not just work related but personally too. Also I am a highly intuitive person that just needs to go off a good feeling when she feels it. Sometimes there really are no words to encapsulate something that is so truly wonderful.

5. What unique flavour you bring to the team?

A rich infusion of openness & adaptability, laughter & warmth.

6. If you were a character from a famous film or book, who would you be and why?

Oh golly… recently I have turned into one of those die hard outlander fans, & I would just have to be Claire so that I could just have one cheeky cuddle with Jamie. Sorry Matt. (He gets it.)

7. What is your fav piece of clothing?

Anything loose & baggy, leaving physical space for any sudden urges to break out into spontaneous interpretive dance. Or yoga pants, they are stretchy so they make the cut. I am a lover of eco-friendly materials such as hemp or bamboo & endeavour to always buy second hand or quality if / when I can.

8. What is your vice when faced with a challenge?

Take space, always. I normally ask myself how I can leave more room for play, because if I have gotten myself into what feels like a challenge, I normally just need a good change-up of energy that’s been circulating. How have I become too serious about myself? I might roll out my yoga mat for a deep, playful or still practice depending on what I feel needs balancing, take the doggos for a walk, or get out into the sunshine if I haven’t seen enough that day. A good dance with a good song will do it too. Anything just to divert my awareness back to the present moment, my breath. Then once I step back into the challenge, there’s a new pathway waiting for me to find it!

9. What would your proud Mum say about you?

I had to ask her & she said that she is proud of my big, generous heart & my capacity to lean into places of growth & discomfort. (Awwww Mumma!)

10. Choose 3 words that best describe you

Creative, embodied & open-hearted.

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