John Basham.

Lead Front-End Developer

John is Coast’s web guru – our lead Front-end Designer/Developer responsible for managing and implementing multiple digital design and development projects for a range of Coast’s clients. 

John is a digital storyteller who is both creative and technical. A designer and developer who never shies away from a challenge, using his creative and strategic brain (with a pinch of magic) to turn any marketing strategy into an innovative, visual and digital communication solution. 
From complete web builds, landing pages and eDM builds, John is also not afraid to think outside the box, delivering clients abstract technical solutions to their web problems. Certainly not one to add to the noise, John’s passion lies in creating a narrative for your brand that connects, builds trust and nurtures loyalty.

Get to know me.

1. What do you do at Coast?

I’m the builder. As the Lead Front-End Designer and Developer, I’m a hybrid who helps to design, then structure and build our websites.

2. What is your favourite thing about working at Coast?

The flow. The people, the place, the projects – it’s all effortlessly fluid. 

3. How are you creative or innovative in your role at Coast?

I’m a tinkler by nature. I have to know how things work, so you’ll usually find me taking something apart just to put it back together again. This translates in my role by stepping in and understanding what a client needs to stand out. By bringing together design and development, I help to create their authentic look and feel so they can shine in the digital landscape.

4. Describe the vibe at Coast and why you chose to work there:

It’s a creative oasis. A nirvana. There’s a really calm atmosphere that encourages creativity.

5. What unique flavour you bring to the team?

Bubblegum. I’m so introverted it hurts sometimes, but once you get to know me you get all the colours of the rainbow.

6. If you were a character from a famous film or book, who would you be and why?

Harry Potter. I got the same scar when I was little pretending to be Superman.

7. What is your fav piece of clothing?

My oldest black tee. Faded to a dark grey now, there’s holes, rips and it’s so soft it feels like a hug. It’s been all around the world with me and I reckon we’ve got a few more adventures in us yet.

8. What is your vice when faced with a challenge?

Going for a run or a surf when I need to take my foot off the pedal. Both are meditation for my mind.

9. What would your proud Mum say about you?

She loves to give praise, I can just see her big, warm smile. She makes a habit of slipping in that I’m her baby (youngest of seven).

10. Choose 3 words that best describe you.

Calm. Inquisitive. Enigmatic.
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