Coast Achieves Google Partner Status!

two and a half minutes.

We are thrilled to announce that Coast has been awarded the coveted ‘Google Partner’ Badge. This is an official certification granted by Google which proves our company has successfully managed advertising accounts on behalf of our clients’ brands or businesses.

The badge is only given to agencies that can consistently demonstrate superior digital marketing skills and expertise by passing a series of assessments, earning certifications through Skillshop. Most importantly, the badge also shows that Coast has not only met Google Ads spend requirements, but also delivered company and client revenue growth; all while sustaining and growing its own client base.

As an AdWords certified agency, we can now display the Google Partner badge on our website with pride, as we work smarter not harder to get you a return on investment.

Benefits for your brand or business

Coast is now a Certified Google Partner agency, this means you can be confident that your money is being well-managed by qualified staff that have completed a series of tests to demonstrate their ability to use best practice to efficiently manage AdWords campaigns.

Coast has access to all of the AdWords bells and whistles. Working with our certified expert ensures that they’ll be taking full advantage of all the settings and features available to them to make sure the campaign is running effectively and cost effectively and performs well. Engaging Coast to manage your AdWords account means you’ll be saving time and maximising your return on investment.

Customer service ‘The Coast Way’. As Google regularly checks in with our performance, ensuring our clients are getting the best out of their AdWords service, it pushes us even further to stick to our word and continue with our friendly and boutique approach to dealing with our clients, who are our heros.

Staying ahead of the curve and our competition. As a Google Partner we have access to Google’s beta features. This means that after Google has developed a new feature or application, we are amongst the first to test and use the feature before it’s rolled out to everyone else. You’re welcome!

Plus, we have our own Google mentor! – as a Google Partner, we have access to our own Google representative who we can contact without waiting in line at any time, and who’ll answer any questions related to any of our client’s accounts. This service isn’t available to agencies who aren’t Google certified.

Coast is your qualified digital marketing agency taking your brand to the world.

There’s no denying that digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels due to the ability of smart tools used to interact with targeted audiences in real time … The result, greater audience insights; allowing for faster growth via relevant conversations amongst brand and consumer.

At Coast, we believe that at the core of every great brand is an even greater story. Coast is dedicated to both crafting and telling your story. Our strengths as a certified Google Partner agency shine when it comes to communicating a brand message through clever strategy and compelling content which we market on digital.

What are you waiting for? Coast is here to help you achieve your marketing goals

If you’ve been wanting to expand your business, sell more products, reach a new market, promote your brand, business or services, well, we’re here to help. Touch base with us today, and our Digital Marketing Specialist can discuss your goals and objectives as we work towards some excellent results.

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