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Whether you are a local, national or international brand, we are able to support you with SEO to ensure your website is at the top of its game when ranking in Google. We work with you to identify the right opportunities for your business to ensure you stand out from your competitors on Google.

Want customers to find you on Google?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what you're looking for

All businesses want to be found on Google when someone is searching for what they offer. However, this is easier said than done. Simply building a brand new website will not automatically mean you will be at the top of Google search. Sure it will help to a degree, however, there is much much more involved. Appearing on the 1st page of Google takes a large number of continual adjustments, research and analysis of performance over a long period of time. It is not simply an overnight fix. However, showing up above your competitors when someone searches on Google is invaluable.

We love Google Ads, but SEO gets you FREE traffic

Unlike Google Ads, having great SEO means you aren’t paying Google for every person who clicks on your website from the search results page. This means you will show up as many times as Google allows you to. Which equates to 1000s to 100,000s of website views you get for FREE. On top of this, you don’t just stop showing up on Google once your Ad campaign ends or your budget runs out.

What is search engine optimisation (also know as SEO)?

How does SEO work and how does it affect my website

To many people, the term SEO sounds quite foreign. You might have heard it used but what is it? To start with, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Ok so that’s great, I hear you say, but what exactly does it do and how does it relate to my business? Well to explain it simply, it is the process in which a website is improved (optimised) in order to show up in more searches on Google.

This means that potential customers who are seeking your service or product will find you in Google without you having to pay for the search results.

Basically, the higher up on the page you appear for a search, the more likely that person will click to visit your website. You can see how this would have clear benefits for site traffic, revenue and brand awareness.

How does Google rank my website?

What does Google look for and where do I start?

So essentially, Google starts by sending a bot (known as Google Bot) to your website, which collects data from every page and analyses it. Then Google determines how your website compares to others based on relevancy when a user searches, its technical optimisations, authority & content quality. In fact, Google has over 200+ individual ranking factors it uses when analysing your website. We know, this sounds extremely overwhelming, and for good reason. With such a complex system of many different indicators to align with, it’s hard to know where to start for many businesses.

This is exactly why SEO specialists exist. As the easiest solution is to engage with an SEO specialist service. They can audit your existing website for technical, internal & external issues. This will be used to pinpoint exactly which key areas need improving first. This will then be followed by developing a long-term SEO strategy based on in-depth analysis and research. Which will outline the path forward to continually improve your rankings within Google Search.

Increased Quality Web Traffic = Increased Leads & Sales

Showing up for quality searches is more important than volume of keywords

Now that you know the basics of what Search Engine Optimisation is and how Google looks at your website. You can now see there are some very clear benefits for your business. However, not all searches are equal. For example, if you had a small homewares business and a user searches “bunnings home supplies” and you show up, yet your business didn’t show for another user’s search for “homeware stores Coffs Harbour”. This would be completely useless to your business, as the user would click that back button asap.

So what is the solution to increasing the amount of quality website traffic to increase sales/leads? To put it simply, you target the correct searches. However, as explained earlier, this is easier said than done.

In the end, increasing the number of times you show up in quality searches, will automatically increase site traffic. Which in turn, increases the chance of a new sale or lead. At the end of the day, SEO will increaser your revenue.

Why choose Coast as your SEO specialist?

We get results for Local & National Businesses

Our clients consist of both local small businesses, right up to national & international companies looking for results. We have delivered amazing results for our clients, putting them well above their competition. Some companies promise to get your "brand name" at the top of Google search when searching for you. That's super easy and often it's already at the top before we start. Our promise is to get you on the first page for many different types of quality searches.

Research & data driven based optimisation

We don't just optimise your website based on what we "think" will work. Our SEO specialists continually do in-depth research and look at the real data to spot opportunities to continually improve your rankings. On top of this, we analyse what your competitors are focusing on, and beat them at their own game. Opinions are just a theory without the data to back them up.

Google's search changes; So do we

Google's Algorithm changes daily, and larger updates are rolled out several times a year. This makes the Google search space extremely dynamic. Thus we are constantly adapting our methods to improve search results. We keep up with these continual updates as they happen, reacting and tailoring your website to align with these changes. Our techniques don't rely on outdated methods. What worked last year, most likely won't work this year.

Transparency is important; You get in-depth custom reports

There are many companies out there that just say "we'll get you results" and do not provide any transparency into what work they did and their results. We aren't just completely transparent, keeping you update on positive and negative changes. Coast provides full in-depth multiple page custom reports. Our SEO specialists manually analyse your account and compile a report that breaks down what we did, our challenges and our wins. We don't provide generic automated reports with no explanation to help you digest the information.

SEO services that deliver results

The long-term investment that transforms your business

Search Engine Optimisation is both an art and science, looking at technical and content related optimisations to improve your overall visibility and achieve those desired Google rankings. SEO is a longer-term investment; it takes time to build to reap the best results and so we always begin with a Technical SEO Audit and Custom SEO Strategy including keyword research.

We offer monthly SEO packages that provide you with dedicated hours of search engine optimisation activities aligned to your strategy.

Our approach is simple. Optimise, review, analyse, optimise. We will provide you with regular reporting and consultation time with your dedicated in-house SEO analyst to really understand the results we are achieving.

Check out our case studies with some of our most recent successes.

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If SEO is what you need or perhaps you are not sure where to start, get in contact today and let us guide you with a free no obligations Digital Marketing consultation.

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"Coast originally did my website and now helped to develop my digital media. They are very dedicated in helping their clients out, they have been incredibly creative and quick to respond in any requests that I have or plans to put into place. I can’t thank them enough or tell you what a fantastic team they are! Our digital sales have doubled in the last six months and the SEO results have been tremendous. They are a great bunch of people that love what they do!"

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