Our Story.

Established in 2010, Coast is an award-winning team of brand design specialists, marketing gurus, and website developers located in the rapidly growing, coastal city of Coffs Harbour NSW. Akin to a coastline joining land and sea, our boutique creative agency is an environment between two worlds – brand and audience. Champions of creative change, we collaborate closely with our clients to effectively communicate the unique essence or fingerprint of their brand.

Coast’s willingness to share our expertise empowers and enables our clients to do great things, underpinning an unwavering approach to our customer experience. We bring together and inspire the local creative industry; giving back to our community by providing employment opportunities for young people who want to do great things and be part of change for good.

Our culture attracts various hues of expert storytellers; all with their own gifts and capabilities, which is what makes our diverse workplace so unique. Walking into our colourful home is finding ‘The happy place’, decorated with the positive energy that comes from the fun we have when creating tales that are forged together with drive and grit; yet lovingly embellished with our crew’s personality and individual style.The challenge of transforming a simple idea into a meaningful and effective creative solution, aimed to engage a specific audience, is why we do what we do.

The positive impact we have on the world is not due to our numbers, but by our unwavering ability to harness change and use our knowledge, skills and expertise to help others adapt and prosper. See us as the fully integrated, content marketing hub of tomorrow, today.

Always aiming higher, we think bigger picture when working on even the smallest of details, achieving maximum engagement at every stage of the creative process. And while most stories have many layers, we also believe in keeping things simple when working, operating with transparency, honesty and integrity.

Working with Coast you can expect consistency, a passion for people and full-service with a smile … maybe even the odd meme. Your return on investment? Connecting a brand to its people and ensuring the people become the essence of your brand.

It’s the Coast way.

How We Work.

We work with you to connect your brand with your audience, driving positive engagement, interactions and ultimately conversions, through our fully in-house managed services.


We are all about the strategy. In an ever-changing world, meaningful and effective strategy behind your brand and creative is your blueprint for navigating toward successful business and marketing objectives.

The building block of growth, strategy helps an organisation to concentrate its resources to create opportunity and growth that go hand-in-hand with purpose, customer experience and return on investment. Our collaborative approach to ‘think before we do’ sees us partner with our clients to help them put their best foot forward.


Custom design and execution. An understanding of your business, your goals, vision and your target market is key to designing an effective creative solution.

All our design and development is done in-house, allowing fluid collaboration between client and Coast, as we speak and tweak on the fly. Many agencies outsource development, but we prioritise it because design thinking and communication go hand in hand. Our full stack developers can build anything from websites to apps to complex business systems and our content creators and designers are masters of their craft.


Reaching your audience to drive results. Coast specialises in the creation and distribution of engaging content designed to create a positive value exchange between the consumer and brand.

Our approach to Digital Marketing combines strategic planning with clever technology that will track, monitor and confirm project metrics, allowing us to make fast, real-time decisions about the direction and success of any campaign. It’s like choosing your own adventure, on steroids. To support your digital footprint, our Hosting and Support Packages offer a boutique service that is second-to-none, ensuring your brand is alive, connected and front-of-mind, 24/7.