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3 in every 4 of online users admit they decide on a company’s credibility based on web design and user experience alone. Coast will help you design and develop a unique and super professional website that communicates your message in a clear, concise and creative way no matter the device being used to view it!

Industry-leading web design & development that sets your website apart from your competitors

Our websites are all custom-developed, creative and designed to achieve business outcomes, be it awareness, interest, leads or sales!
We use the latest standards in website development and search engine optimisation techniques ensuring an optimal viewing experience for your users across mobile, tablet & desktop.

For the average person, the idea of putting together a new website, its form, function and conceptual design can be an overwhelming and a daunting challenge. Here at Coast, we work closely with you on the design and build of your website. We provide a seamless, stress-free experience and a purposeful, creative, customised bespoke website as a result. The design and develop your new website is in-house here in Coffs Harbour. Thus you can be confident you are receiving a premium non-templated website.

What sets us apart from other agencies in Coffs Harbour

Our team of website designers & developers are experts in their fields. For this reason, we are always adapting to new web technologies and the ever-changing trends in design. Your new site will be built to the best standard for both speed, functionality & efficient coding practices.

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Why User Experience (UX) matters

A simple easy & experience benefits you and your users.

Our web designers will craft your website for a simple, easy & efficient user experience (UX). But why is UX important? For one, a simple and easy to use website won’t frustrate your users. Not to mention, a good user experience has been attributed to better lead/sale conversions (read about this here). Better UX design is also an important factor for your website’s search engine rankings. Since it means people are less likely to leave your website after finding it in Google (this metric is known as Bounce Rate). This equates to better search engine rankings in the long run, as Google uses the bounce rate as a ranking factor.

Why clean & modern web design increases the conversion rate

Website design coincides with UX.

You should consider the design of your website. As a modern and clean design is another important factor, which also goes hand-in-hand with UX. A beautifully designed site with your users in mind will go along way with customer retention and the first impression of your company. Keep in mind, this includes a well-thought brand strategy, branding and logo design. Which are all huge factors in having your website designed well. If a website is cluttered, old and/or unprofessional, it immediately has an impact on your user’s perception of your company. If this impact is negative, it drastically increases the chance they will return to Google and pick one of your competitors. This clearly has an impact on your number of sales/leads you receive from your website.

Clean & Industry Standard Development Practices

Choose the right website development company.

Think of it this way; if you were to build a house using cheap materials and poor craftsmanship you would likely need to perform maintenance a lot more often. On top of this, your house wouldn’t last as long and would likely cost you more in the long run. This example is the same as building a website. If it is built with poor quality code and relies on cheap methods to remedy a problem (such as many plugins needed). Your website would need more maintenance and its lifetime would be decreased dramatically.

On top of all this, efficient code will also improve the speed of your website. Which this will help stop users from leaving your website before it loads.

Speed is detrimental to an eCommerce Store

The speed of your website is more important than you think.

Are you in need of a new online eCommerce store? Well, you should be even more concerned about the speed of your website. As in 2018, Google found that the probability of users leaving a site increased by 90% when the website took longer than 3 seconds to load. Which this statistic only increased the longer it took to load.

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Our digital design team can help you with

We can help you with the following, and much more:

  • Content Management Systems
  • App design & development for iOS (iPhones) & Andriod
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Website Design
  • Wireframing of the website architecture for user experience
  • E-commerce & Shopify websites
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • SEO Strategy

If you are in need of something else? we provide other services such as; domain name registration, website security and hosting packages, assistance with ongoing website maintenance and support.

Are you looking for professional web design in Coffs? Well, Coast is the digital agency you need!

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What Our Clients Say.

Hector Abrahams : : Hector Abrahams Architects

"Coast worked closely with us on the design of our new website and accommodated our ideas and many changes through the process. They were always helpful and easy to deal with. Definitely recommend using them!"

Ben & Jas Adams : : FromZion

"We are so pleased that we got our website redesigned & upgraded! It’s so clean now and we are incredibly grateful to the team at Coast  for going through the whole process with us. They were so patient & professional. Investing in people that love what they do and investing in a functional website is SO worth it! Thanks guys!"

Richard Taylor : : Bonville Landscape Supplies

"The team at Coast did an excellent job creating our website for Bonville Landscape Supplies . They hit the brief beyond my expectations - I highly recommend ⭐️"

Karen Martin : : Pacific Marina

"Coast created our new website – and have done a fantastic job. Shane and his team were incredibly helpful and creative, providing us with a website that is contemporary, user friendly and exactly the image we were trying to portray to our client base. The team at Coast were professional, organised and always eager to assist with any issues or questions that we had. We would definitely recommend Coast to any potential customer."

Saxon Wright : : Pablo and Rusty's, Owner

"Working with Coast was a great experience and we’d highly recommend them. They brought clarity and focus to our project, built according to our expectations and delivered on time and on budget."

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