Digital Marketing Case Study

Glam Couture SEO

less than two minutes.

The Challenge.

Main Objective:

Increase the organic visibility within search results andincrease the volume of traffic visiting the website

Pain Point:

Having a small presence within search engine rankings


The wedding industry is highly competitive and difficult to rank within the first page of many search terms on the Google Search Engine Platform.

Prior to joining Coast, Glam’s website was quite average in terms of ranking in Google, with just 5 keywords ranking in the top 3 & 32 ranking in the top 10

The Strategy.

After communicating with Glam Couture, we came up with a game plan to improve their Google rankings.

This game plan consisted of various strategies to gain traction within search rankings, some of these are:

  • Technical SEO optimisations to the website to amend any issues that may affect the search engine rankings, such as; duplicate content from URL issues, Broken Links, Indexing issues, missing h1 tags, and much more.
  • Keyword Focus & Density optimisations to existing and new content.
  • Keyword Research & trend data analysis to determine on-trend topics for blog articles.
  • Titles & Meta Descriptions crafting for keyword optimisation and click-through rate improvements.
  • The targeting of both long and short-tail keywords for both small & high volume monthly searches.
  • Blog article optimisation and curating of content.

In our approach to working with real-time data, we used this to our advantage to also have a look at:

  • Competitor analysis to see where opportunities lie and current positions these competitors hold
  • The historical data of different keywords & trends
  • Current monthly keyword volume trends & statistics
  • The Current keyword ranking positions for glam couture’s website

The Results / ROI.

Starting in March 2018, we have seen rankings climb from a mere 5 keywords within the top 3, to 42 keywords ranking in the top 3.Additional we have seen rankings move from 32 keywords in the top 10 to 114 in the top 10. Playing our cards right meant that the volume of keywords ranked in the top 10 exceeded 1000+ searches a month


As a result, Glam has also seen site revenue increase by 213% and traffic increase by 356%.

Glam’s traffic now consists of organic search (Google) being more than 50% of her traffic,where it was once only a mere 23% before joining Coast.

The benefits of ranking better in Google reduces the need to spend large amounts of existing or new paid ad campaigns. By optimising your website for ranking in Google, your money with leave long-lasting effects long after the optimisations