Bellingen Muse; A musical landscape

For arts and culture lovers, Bellingen Muse is a boutique music festival that offers intimate and diverse performances – bringing virtuosic performers to a region where nature inspires creativity and community.

Brand Direction + Identity Strategy

Established in 2010, the highly anticipated Bellingen Fine Music Festival has continued to grow in popularity and size. In 2021 the board of directors recognised that along with this growth in stature, should come growth in brand.

Enter Coast Agency! Working with their team of passionate directors, Coast facilitated several strategy workshops, allowing us to deliver our client brand strategy and direction, analysis of the current name (and an exploration of an alternative); as well as evolve the current logo and visual identity.

Naming + Tagline Development

While auditing the existing brand positioning, we discovered that to best encapsulate the essence of the festival itself, and represent an exciting new vision for its future and the music, arts, and culture there was the need for the name and tagline to evolve.

We’re proud to present you with; Bellingen Muse. A musical landscape…

Tickets for Bellingen Muse 2022 go on sale soon! 

Branding + Logo Design

This authentic and unique brand will need to appeal to a market and audiences that will sustain growth and prosperity, including boosting the local tourism economy.

Our next exciting challenge was to create a visual aesthetic to match! Coast lead designer + brand specialist, Jena Hackett took the reigns to bring this to life. Working very closely with Bellingen Muse directors, Camilla Wilkins + David Lester we created the perfect representation of the brand, celebrating the uniqueness of the festival and the courage to break the mold of what’s expected.

Inspiration was abundant! We drew from Bellingen Shire landscape; The ‘Old Man Dreaming’ to create the formation in which our colours would be connected. We dove deep into colour theory to land on a bold + passionate palette…

• Vermillion to represent sound + emotion. This is the voice of the festival.
• Forest green is a nod to the lush valley and mountains surrounding our performances.
• Sky Blue is ‘of the air’ as we form connections. Our human element.

Each of these brand colours are echoed in the violinist element; a hand-drawn calligraphical illustration. Free and unstructured, the element is alive with movement + sound.

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