Evolution of a brand

less than two minutes.

Coast is excited to announce that we have evolved our brand mark in line with the growth and capabilities of our agency. It captures the essence of who we are, what we do and why we do it. It’s all about our unique people and culture; the essence or ‘story’ of any brand and how it is connected to the people it belongs to. While this approach is not a revolution for Coast, the evolution is in our strategic approach to all we do.

Our name is just as important as ever. Wikipedia describes the coast, also known as the coastline, as the area where land meets the sea or ocean. For us, our name is perfect for an agency that lives between and facilitates connection between two parallel worlds – brand and audience; via the strategic and creative work we produce.

Our new tagline features the words ‘collaborate, craft, communicate’, and describes our holistic approach to every brief we tackle and every story we tell. We always think before we do and our work speaks for itself, aiding communication and resonates with those it reaches. To find out more about the words that make up our tagline, view Our Services page.

The fingerprint within the Coast mark represents the human touch we apply to every single engagement and also represent the unique essence of a brand. Similar to a coastline, it reflects the ever-changing environment between two worlds; brand and people.

The various hues that form the gradient represent our diverse blend of storytellers; all with their own gifts and capabilities, which is what makes our diverse workplace so unique.

The 3 swatches within our branding, are seen in the ocean and sky at the dawn of a new day, which is synonymous with change and new beginnings. They are also used to represent stages within our holistic process of curating unique narratives for a brands. We do this by collaborating (aqua) cleverly with clients to craft (purple) and communicate (dusty pink) unique stories for targeted audiences

Working with Coast you can expect a connection between a brand and its people; and people becoming the essence of your brand.

It’s the Coast way.