Coffs Pilates exciting new rebrand, website and booking system!

Coffs Pilates boutique studio invites individuals to embark on their wellness journey, offering specialised reformer classes tailored for beginners to athletes. Here, every participant is warmly welcomed, their needs attentively addressed, and voices genuinely heard.

Originally known as Coffs Yoga & Pilates, Lauren and Kye made the decision to reevaluate their offerings and refocus on their specialty: Pilates and Wellness. Alongside this shift, they set out to reimagine the booking system on their website, hero their teachers more and highlight the new offerings – all aiming to streamline the customer journey for a smoother and more insightful experience.

The Rebrand

Guided by our Creative Director, Jena + Brand Specialist Emily, Coast undertook the responsibility of rebranding Coffs Yoga and Pilates, entailing a name change and a refreshed aesthetic.

The objective was clear: to craft a timeless brand identity resonating with the essence of simplicity, quality, and the understated values upheld by Coffs Pilates. The new brand mark was designed to be unequivocal, purposeful, and effortlessly uncomplicated, embodying the essence of clarity and intentionality.

The soft, gender neutral colour pallet with a slight suggestion of movement and a humanistic element within the typography really bring it all to life and was exactly what Lauren and Kye had envisioned.


Customised Website Design and Development

After the branding was complete, it was time to turn the attention to the website! Under the guidance of John Basham, our Lead Developer, the website underwent a transformation, emerging with a renewed and an enhanced user experience.

Check it out here

Website Design & Development for Coffs Pilates exciting new rebrand, website and booking system!

"Beyond grateful for the team at Coast! It can be really nerve-wracking rebranding and with new parent sleep deprivation it at times felt that we had bitten off more than we could chew, BUT that’s where Coast came to the rescue with their knowledgeable team guiding us. Our website is live!!! ✨✨ We love it!  "

Lauren Reid : : Coffs Pilates
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