Sea Salt Brand Evolution & Social Media Management

Sea Salt stands as a prominent fixture along the Coffs Coast, known for its variety of seafood offerings and convenient takeaway options. With three locations dotting the coastline in Woolgoolga, Coffs Jetty, and Toormina, Sea Salt attracts seafood enthusiasts far and wide.

The Sea Salt team approached Coast with a desire to breathe new life into the beloved brand, wanting to infuse it with more vibrant colors and an added dose of fun/positivity while preserving its existing recognition.

Beyond its reputation as a go-to destination for fish and chips, Sea Salt has a diverse array of offerings. At the Toormina location, customers can delight in the expertise of skilled fishmongers and explore a tempting seafood deli. Additionally, Sea Salt extends to include freshly prepared sushi and gelato, elevating Sea Salt from a mere fish and chip shop to a multifaceted dining experience!

Logo Design & Illustration Set

Brand Specialist Emily and Creative Director Jena took on a collaborative journey with Penny, delving deep into her vision for the revitalised aesthetic. Recognising the strength of the existing brand, they agreed that rather than a complete rebrand, an evolution was in order, one that would build upon its solid foundation.

Their approach aimed to showcase the diverse offerings of the shop, creating a captivating illustration set. Comprising 10 unique illustrations, these artworks depicted an array of fresh seafood alongside quintessential oceanic elements such as radiant sunshine, rolling waves, and fishing rods.

In addition to this there was also the logo itself, Emily introduced several new lock-up variations including a badge-style iteration and a dynamic half-badge execution. These variations were designed to offer versatility, catering to a range of applications spanning merchandise, menu enhancements, and promotional materials, wanting to amplifying the brand’s impact across all touch points – digital and physical.


Brand Activation

From here it was time to activate the new branding and bring their unique custom elements to life!

We worked on menu designs for all three locations, as well as a very exciting hand-painted mural at Coffs Harbour Jetty.

"The Team at We Are Coast are Amazing! Our interactions have been very professional and at the same time friendly & fun! Thank you from the Seasalt team!"

Penny Kyburz : : Sea Salt
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