Introducing Phatduds: The Game-Changing Apparel Brand

Here at Coast we’re always stoked to work with new brands that are doing good in the world. Phatduds, started by Mum and daughter duo – Danni and Ava, who are sports fanatics, is a brand doing just that. Born out of an idea to help her daughter feel comfortable and stylish in her local basketball league, the Phatduds brand idea blossomed from in the garage, onto the streets, and hopefully, into a nation-leading basketball-inspired sports and fashion brand.

Read on below to hear how Coast continues to help Danni, Ava and Phatduds along their journey!



The Brief

Created out of love and passion, Danni came to Coast with a desire to stand out from the crowd. To be at the forefront of basketball fashion and an inspiration to young basket ballers across Australia. To help Danni stand out from the crowd, the team at Coast, led by creative director Jena Hackett and then designer Mitch Weston, started with a deep dive branding brief to pick Danni’s brain.


Visual Concepts + Directions

Sharing our creative directions + visual concepts from our cool studio in Coffs Harbour, Danni sipped her tea and gradually grew more and more excited from her sunny abode on the Sunshine Coast, as we pitched an eye-catching, elevated and modern visual identity for Phatduds. An identity that hinted at the golden era of basketball and American sports, whilst being cool and bold enough to engage the youth of today.


Brand Direction + Identity Strategy

Focusing on a modern vintage style, Coast used a sharp yet flowing handwritten typeface mixed with a bold and block style varsity typeface to capture audiences and impart the vogue retro varsity basketball vibes that Danni wished to achieve. Further leveraging the trendy and cool appeal of basketball nostalgia, Mitch + Jena created a unique vintage inspired monogram and badge in a strong and stylish, American basketball inspired colour palette, embracing that true collegiate varsity style and creating real hype and following for Phatduds.


Unique, User-Centred eCommerce Website Design and Development

Now to shift our focus to digital! As always, with best practice user experience (UX) in mind, Coast worked to create a show-stopping eCommerce website for Phatduds.

The custom Shopify eCommerce website allows Phatduds to showcase their unique apparel collections and connect directly with ballers of all levels. Our custom design perfectly captures Phatduds’ brand identity and aesthetic, while our focus on UX ensures smooth and intuitive shopping for customers. Designed and tested across main devices the site is fully responsive and designed to enhance the mobile shopping experience. Check them out here.

Website Design & Development for Introducing Phatduds: The Game-Changing Apparel Brand

"We have had the most amazing, seamless, fulfilling, creative experiences with Jena, Mitchy and John at Coast! They nailed our brief and new exactly where to take my vision and give it an identity."

Dannielle Frazer : : Phatduds
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