Huskee is an award-winning sustainable & reusable coffee cup. Using coffee husk as a raw material, its sophisticated design and powerful bid to reduce single-use cups has made this a revolutionary product in the market, and one that is taking the world by storm.


Coast has been working with the Huskee team since the product was in prototype stage. Our packing design needed to be a reflection of the simplicity and quality of the product. Much like the website, it also needed to give clear guidance and information about the features and benefits.

Maintaining a minimalist, consistent and professional look and feel across all of the collateral was crucial to the product launch

Website Design & Development is a WordPress & Shopify blend. The homepage & information pages are built on WordPress so we had full creative control over the UX, styling & custom development. The online store component was built on Shopify to take advantage of an e-commerce solution that their customer base would feel confident with. Shopify Plus has allowed for a high level of reporting, product management & accounting control for accounting control for the brand as it was always intending on going international.

The UI of the website was designed to be clear & insightful while the UX is seamless between WordPress & Shopify.

Website Design & Development for Huskee

Graphic Design

Coast designed the packaging for multiple sizes of cups, lids, saucers & shipping boxes. Each item was designed with custom icons, conceptual mockups & custom die cut templates. As the Huskee cup was introduced into the market as a new product, Coast produced multiple educational print flyers, posters and cards to accompany the launch.

"Coast were a great group of people to work with. They made themselves very approachable and always stuck to their word with turnaround times. I can recommend reaching out to them to scope out your next project!"

Nicole Barnes : : Huskee, Operations Manager
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