Strategic Web Development for McCrindle

Dynamic web development & strategy for McCrindle: award-winning social research and expert storytelling team with a passion for making data interesting and visual.

Holistic Website Strategy

Led by our Digital Strategist, Laura Hui, Coast took a deep look into the current McCrindle website! Through a number of workshops and analyses, we were able to discover which areas were working well, and which areas needed improvement.

Customised Website Design and Development

Armed with an exciting digital strategy, Coast then progressed into designing and developing a new website. We were passionate about creating a design that could truly represent McCrindle’s people and culture!

With a unique take on future-focused design, we created a cutting-edge aesthetic that is clean and contemporary, yet also welcoming & trustworthy – much like a ‘coming home’. Its modern approach allows the content to shine and was designed with the user in mind.

​Exciting development features include; a dynamic pagination and filtering system, WooCommerce and BigMarker integrations to facilitate the management of events and modal AJAX cart to streamline the overall experience… to name a few!

​An incredible project, that has been touched, and cared for by every single member of the Coast team!

Website Design & Development for Strategic Web Development for McCrindle
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