Emily Tierney.

Marketing Communications + Brand Specialist

Emily is our highly creative and passionate brand + marcomms specialist. With a wealth of knowledge in the design space, Emily also brings her strategic marketing brain, super-cool energy, illustration and photography skills to the studio.

Emily is efficient, genuine and full of great ideas! Let Emily help you build a brand to be proud of.

Get to know me.

1. What do you do at Coast?

I help bring brands and ideas to life through design, communications, strategy and insights.

2. What is your favourite thing about working at Coast?

That I get to think creatively everyday! Also to be able to collaborate with inspiring colleagues and clients.

3. How are you creative or innovative in your role at Coast?

Keeping up with the latest and greatest trends and technologies can keep that innovation flowing, but also thinking outside of that exact box – having unique ideas that go beyond the norm and expected. Being open to different perspectives can be a great driver for creativity.

4. Describe the vibe at Coast and why you chose to work there

Great vibes! A bunch of talented, creative and driven individuals whose skills all complement each other. Who wouldn’t want to collaborate?!

5. What unique flavour you bring to the team?

I bring the curiosity flavour. I’m very observant of the world around me. I like the unusual and unconventional.

6. If you were a character from a famous film or book, who would you be and why?

Hush from the children’s story book “Possum Magic” because I have fond memories of it being read to me as a kid. It felt adventurous, imaginative and fun. Sprinkled with a bit of magic.

7. What is your fav piece of clothing?

Probably any form of swimwear. I love the ocean and having a pair of swimmers always handy has never let me down! But also anything I feel comfortable in is a great piece of clothing!

8. What is your vice when faced with a challenge?

Not letting the inner critic take over! Be kind to yourself, always.

9. What would your proud Mum say about you?

Well I went straight to the source and asked them: “Talented, caring and compassionate”

10. Choose 3 words that best describe you

Authentic, kind, optimistic.

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