Visit Snowy Valleys

West of the mountains, East of the outback. And a country mile from stress.

Website Design & Development

Coast was proud to partner with Snowy Valleys Council to create a custom WordPress site with full integration to the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse allowing API syncing across hundreds of listings from ATDW onto the site to promote the area.

The site was created with the end user in mind, and this project involved content marketing strategy, user experience, design and build. It promotes the latest events, attractions, accommodation and tours and also echoes the values of a newly-released destination brand.

We had loads of fun integrating so many dynamic animation moments and creating a comprehensive and user friendly trip planner function!

Website Design & Development for Visit Snowy Valleys

Progressive Web App

With the website being so well received, Snowy Valleys Council came to Coast to develop their new app. The goal of the app is to assist visitors explore the region and all it has to offer.

And so, the process begins! Coast Creative Director, Shane & Lead Developer Phil took a trip to the Snowy’s to meet with the team and facilitate a strategy workshop and game plan moving forward.

First and foremost we ensure that the user experience (UX) is as best as possible! We do this by wire-framing each step of the user journey and refining along the way.

This Progressive Web App (or PWA) showcases contemporary functionalities, such as;

• Dynamic trip planner
• Build of interactive maps
• Offline caching of listings
• Live updating of app without having to resubmit to app store and rely on user to update
• Push notification functionality to the end users
• Walk content that allows staged walk info screens to appear and provide useful data to the user
• API integration with core website
• Design of Permanent icon on home screens
• A page featuring links to websites that would be of interest to travellers in the region
• SEO integration.

Take a look at our preview below or download the Snowy Valleys app from the App Store.

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